– An Interesting Approach To Video SEO

VideoReadr.comVideo SEO has always been something difficult, for the mere reason that attempts to monetize video content often result in a distracting experience for users. Even the slightest ad or pop up lessens the impact of the video and makes users cringe.

VideoReadr is a new service which is defined by its creators as “extreme Video SEO using text transcripts”. You might be wondering exactly what does that mean. It is nothing too hard to understand, really. What VideoReadr does is to let search engines like Google look inside of your videos and link to specific portions that you have individualized using a text transcript.

In other words: you take a video, create a timed transcript to go with it and submit it to the site. VideoReadr will then begin submitting that information to search engines, and each paragraph of your transcript will become a link in its own right.

And an embeddable version of VideoReadr is also provided. You will be able to choose the theme and the layout that suits your site more thoroughly, and start displaying fully-linked videos in order to reap bigger (and better) monetary results. In Their Own Words

“Extreme video SEO using text transcripts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is quite a practical way to monetize video content, for the simple fact that it doesn’t annoy users at all.

Some Questions About

How many links can a single video have?