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VideoInbox.comThe amount of good and interesting online videos that we find by ourselves is negligible. Out of ten videos we watch on any single day, at least eight or nine came from someone else. Who got them from someone else before. That’s the way these things have always stood, discovering really cool videos manually is seldom something any of us do. And that is why a platform like Video Inbox is such a good idea. On this site, users are treated to the best five videos that have surfaced on the Web on any given day.

These videos are actually delivered straight to one’s inbox upon signing for the service. This is done via Facebook Connect, and yes – this means you are instantly able to share anything you find on Video Inbox with your friends there.

And videos can obviously be favorited, so that anything which moves you/amuses you can be saved for posterity, and viewed again as many times as you want afterwards.

Video Inbox has been created by Slide, the social entertainment company that Google acquired for more than $ 180 million last year. In Their Own Words

The five best videos every day.

Some Questions About

What about Twitter? When will it be supported to the same extent as Facebook? What features of its own could Video Inbox have in that context?