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VideoCustomizer.comTo put it in simple words, Video Customizer is a video email marketing platform. It will let anybody take care of everything from creating an actual video email and having it delivered, to tracking its overall acceptance.


A video email is obviously more involving than a plain one – there is less to read, and by giving people something not only to watch but also to listen to you are guaranteeing a much higher click through rate.

Well, this website will let you create as many of these video emails as you wish, and send them on their way. And the videos that you can create here can be streamed not only to PCs but also to smartphones, iPads and iPhones.

This is a really interesting service, but Facebook Mail casts a major dark cloud in its horizon. Because if Facebook Mail does take off the way many observers have ventured, that will but spell the end of email as we know it – and of services that are reliant on it such as this one. In Their Own Words

Add motion to your message.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It lets you create and deliver video emails in a really efficient way.

Some Questions About

Are there other platforms for doing this? How do they fare side by side?

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