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Videobb.comVideobb is a new video portal that follows in the steps of YouTube and related services such as Vimeo. Things will be instantly familiar if you have ever used one of these services before (and I could swear you have). The site highlights the most popular videos that people have uploaded on its main page, and it is possible to reorder everything and visualize only the ones that have been most discussed, most viewed and so on.


On the other hand, you can browse the contents of the site by category. Some of the ones which are already available include people, music, sports, entertainment, science & technology… there are really no big departures from what sites like YouTube have been offering for a long time already.

A premium version of the service is available, however, and it will let you not only view an unlimited number of videos but also download as many of these as you want (and in a parallel way at that). Five different pricing plans are provided, according to how long you envision using this service. That is, if you really think you need an alternative to YouTube (a site you can use for free to begin with). As payment methods you can use most credit cards and Paypal.

Maybe the most interesting new feature of is that you can earn money from the videos you upload. Don’t think it’s easy, though, some work will be necessary. Videobb has different levels for monetizing your videos, depending on where you are from, the playing time of the recorded images, and the visits your uploaded content receives.

You get payment every 10000 visits, so you must make an effort to attract your audience. If you are from Canada, the US or the UK, you are in the highest payment level, for which you’ll receive from $8 to $30. The scope for the second level goes from $6 to $21 for some European countries, New Zealand and Australia. Western European, Asian and a few Arabic nations are in the third one, together with Brazil. All other countries belong to the lowest paying level, for which the highest payment possibility is $10 every 10000 visits. In Their Own Words

Your #1 video site.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who for any reason or the other are unsatisfied with the way in which videos are currently shared online will find it worth a good look, I suppose.

Some Questions About

What true advantages has this got over the endless video hosting services that are already available elsewhere?

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