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Video-alerts.comThis site will be more than useful if you wish there were a sort of way of knowing when videos that could appeal to you hit YouTube. As you can see from its name, what Video-Alerts does is to send you an e-mail notification whenever a piece that matches criteria that you have specified beforehand graces the popular video hosting service.

Such a solution is provided at no cost, and you will be able to supply up to ten relevant keywords to be taken into consideration. As well as being used to follow your best-loved performers or artists, this system doubles as a tool for keeping abreast of industry news and developments. Likewise, you can use it to find out when someone mentions or reviews any of your products.

As a conclusion, this site will empower you to be the first to watch relevant videos as they come along, and do so in a flexible manner. Visit for additional information, or for setting the scene for some future video-oriented antics on the spot. In Their Own Words

“Video-Alerts is a service that allows you to get an email notification when new videos are uploaded to YouTube, on whatever topic you choose. Be the first to watch!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a convenient solution that accommodates both serious and leisure users the world over.

Some Questions About

Will the system eventually make for weighing up more than 10 keywords?