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Vgcats.comThis website is focused on the videogame cat that is a web comic. Here, you will be able to read plenty of different comics of VG cats as well as knowing the characteristics of the different characters that appear on them.

You may choose from a complete list of comics the one you like to read, they are categorized by the comic name and by the game theme. There is a section containing the most read it comics such as Prince of Persia, kotor, final fantasy, anime and much more. In addition, it has a store section in which users are able to buy plenty of featured products of VG cats such as t-shirts with the face of a character on it or a doll with the head of some VG cat, it also offers other products divided in categories such as miniatures, consumables, plushies, tabletop, toys and much more. In Their Own Words

“Basically VG Cats, or Videogame Cats, is a webcomic about videogames along the lines of Penny Arcade. Though the last year or two I’ve tried to focus the comic towards Video Games parodies rather than two gamers. And totally random stuff when I’m bored.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the perfect site for those who love reading comics. You are able to access to any comic in a very simple and quick way. It is the right place to have fun with these incredible and funny characters.

Some Questions About

Is there a section that allows users to post comments about comics? If I want to criticize a comic or to congratulate one, how could I do it?