– Liberate Yourself

VeryLiberating.comA resource that will let you get things off your chest in an anonymous manner, Very Liberating stands as an inexpensive and practical alternative to relieving stress.

The site itself is made up of a series of categories such as “Liberations”, “Communications” and “Questions”, and there is also a chat that will let you interact with others instantly and procure some solace by letting it all come out.

As it was mentioned above, the whole process is an anonymous one, and you can post not only random rantings and questions but also photographs that showcase and represent the way you feel.

There are a few resources like this one available, and they all follow a similar pattern. At the end of the day, which one will you use is nothing but a matter of personal taste. You can try Very Liberating in person by following the provided link, and getting prepared for some shoutbox action. In Their Own Words

“Liberate yourself.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way of getting some relief and putting things in perspective.

Some Questions About

Is the process anonymous from beginning to end?