search cancel – Make Battles Easily is a website where visitors can leave their preference between 2 things, which can be videos, pictures, websites, etc.


The site allows you to make these battles in 2 steps: first, you have to signup and then you are able to submit a battle. Each battle has its battle page, where people get in to vote. These battles can be used to compare websites, products or anything that can be compared. You can go through the whole site looking for different battles, and vote on each of them. Every day new battles are added to the website, but if you want to vote all of them, you will first have to sign up. In Their Own Words

“Let the internet make its choice. Making battles has never been easier: Signup now and Submit a battle.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no other website on internet which does at the same time videos, pictures and websites battles. The website is really easy to use and it is a very fast growing community.

Some Questions About

Do this site’s owners add new battles or only its users?

Author : Steve Dixon

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