VerseTune Wants To Be The Ultimate Music Hub

People who are into music are really into music. No matter the genre, there are always super fans who will do anything they can to listen to and see everything their favorite artist produces. There are fans who go to every single performance, fans who own every album, and fans who binge-watch every video. Then there are the super super fans, who do all of the above.


But what do those fans get in return? Well, some would argue that they get a whole bunch of amazing music, art, and culture! And while that’s definitely true (oh, and let’s not to forget the thousands of hours of entertainment and resulting happiness), there’s a new website that wants to give fans something even more. It’s called VerseTune and it touts itself as the “ultimate music hub” for the super super fan.


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Here’s what VerseTune offers:

  • A one-stop shop for the latest music videos, albums, singles, mixtapes, and EPs
  • A place to buy new music
  • A place to buy concert tickets
  • Rewards “directly from the artist


Their system for rewarding fans involves points based on what they do on the site. So, for example, purchasing a single gives a fan 10 points. Downloading mixtapes or buying an EP will give them 15 points. Buying an album bumps it up to 20 points, and even just viewing a music video will result in five points. They also offer one point for ever dollar spent on concert tickets and two points per dollar for any money spent on artist-related apparel.


Additionally, each artist has a “multiplier” attached to them, which is determined based on the artist’s popularity. In the opposite of what you’d probably expect, less popular artists actually get a higher multiplier in order to boost the amount of people who know about them. The hope is that the first fans will gain more from their fandom by spotting new talent early on. All of these points can be redeemed for rewards.


So super fans, are you interested? Head over to VerseTune and check it out.


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