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This site is for people who live in Vermont, or who are thinking about relocating there. On, all the newest job openings within the State are listed. These come straight from certified employers and governmental bodies, so that if you use this site to try and find a new job you won’t have to worry about the authenticity of the openings you can read on its pages.


The site (which is available both in English and in German) is split in the following categories: “Employee Self Service”, “Industries” and “Job Market“. And each one of these is then split into several other subcategories. For example, the “Industries” category includes “Banking Industry”, “Electronics and Technology Industry” and “Tourism Industry”.

Plus, the homepage has got a section where current State employees can have ready access to information on benefits and training. And also, apply for these kind of jobs that are available to people employed by State organizations only.

And just in case you find you’re always falling short of requirements for applying to jobs, then gives you the chance to further your education. Links to lots and lots of different online courses are included on this section of the site, along with information on how to pick the one that’s more suitable to your current set of skills.

Lastly, the site also lets Vermont residents know about these rights and benefits they are entitled to in the wake of natural disasters. Since incidents like these always leave people without jobs, disaster unemployment assistance is made available. And on, you’ll quickly get to know if you are eligible for any such compensation.

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