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Verifico.comA marketplace for funding services, Verifico lets you find the best loan consultants and programs available on the Internet today. On, consumers like you and I can connect with verified loan consultants that have decided to post their funding programs online for all to see. These can be browsed in a way that’s very similar to how you can search for items in other online marketplaces. And when you see one that seems to suit your needs 100%, then you can get in touch with the consultant to get to know him better. If all’s well, then you can complete the transaction, using nothing but your browser. There’s no software to install, and no parallel applications to run.

It’s vital to mention that every single consultant you can find on this site has actually passed a rigorous verification process (the company’s own SixPoints Verfication process), and that you can always see ratings and comments for all of them. You can also see real time performance statistics of any consultant’s program. This includes verification reports and dispute resolution data, IE the kind of information that lies at the heart of any decision you’ll end up making.

And just in case you could use a hand, the site highlights the mot popular programs on the homepage. Being short on time won’t keep you from finding the right loan consultant for you. In Their Own Words

Verifico is the only secure online marketplace for creative funding services where consumers, specialty loan consultants, and referrers can easily connect to complete transactions. Consumers can search through various funding programs posted by loan consultants that have passed a rigorous Six-Points Verification? process, and see real time performance statistics of any consultant’s program, including verification reports, dispute resolution data, consumer ratings, and comments that help the consumer choose the perfect program for their criteria.

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What about providing users with a mobile app for tracking the progress and results of programs in real time?