Vergify – Making Business Better With Simple But Powerful CRM Software

Live chat, email marketing, surveys, events, blog posting, phone calls… the tasks on an entrepreneur’s plate are endless. Everyone is aware of this, which is why there’s a near infinite number of tools available online for handling each part of a business. But start grabbing for a new tool as needs arise, and before long, managing a bunch of services and apps turns into its own job.


Ask yourself, is your business overdue for simplification? Isn’t there some way you could free up more time to focus on the most pressing matters? Could you streamline your workflow and accomplish tasks more efficiently? And more affordably?


Vergify wants to supply the answers to all of these questions. Yes, all of them. Vergify is all-in-one CRM software for startups and small businesses.




“We help businesses focus on their clients while growing their business with features like Lead Management, Lead Forms, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Online Discussion, Survey Creator & Distribution, Email Integration & Services.”


Vergify gives you a clear view into your entire operations with an intuitive dashboard, and keeps the different aspects of your company within easy reach. Instead of paying a fortune for separate services, Vergify equips you with virtually everything you need to run your business, while sparing you the tedious process of integrating analytics, calendars, comment sections and more.


And Vergify is free for up to two users, for managing up to 100 clients – including a number of chat sessions, survey responses and mass emails. Beyond the freemium subscription, Vergify is reasonably priced at $25 per month, per user.


Straightforward pricing is easy to appreciate. Tight organization can help you to stay focused and manage your schedule better. Having so many features connected in one place – that has game-changing potential.


Only the coders out there want to invest time in building a live chat or making a space for conversation on their website. With Vergify, these important tools for interacting with customers in timely fashion are readily available. So, you can improve your communication and spend less time on figuring out how to reach your audience.


Things like client information, payment pages, and invoicing are just a couple clicks away. Basically, Vergify makes it easier to attend to your customers and not lose sight of  opportunities – having frank discussions, extending special offers, soliciting feedback, etc.


Based in the cloud, Vergify was founded “with the vision of providing exceptional products for startups and small businesses that would help them succeed.” Looking to make life better for your business and to engage customers more effectively? Get started by signing up at


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