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VeoProject.comSelf-defined as “an advanced collaboration tool”, VeoProject is a new contender that steps into the fray of web-based project management tools. As it is the norm nowadays, it integrates project planning, time tracking and document sharing in the same package, in a bid to make life easier for workforces that are scattered over different locations.


Some of the most remarkable features on offer include hierarchical worksheets and flexible templates for accommodating every issue that has to be dealt with.

As it is also customary when it comes to solutions such as this one, the whole service is web-based, dispensing with installations and updates as well as providing a secure back up to the information that is stored.

This solution can be tried for free, and in the event you find it is exactly what you need you can upgrade to a subscription easily through the site. Several video tours covering aspects such as how to get started and best use VeoProject are provided, too. In Their Own Words

“An advanced collaboration tool that integrates project planning, issue tracking, time tracking, and document sharing for your team.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables companies everywhere to connect distributed workforce easily.

Some Questions About

How much does upgrading to a subscription cost?

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