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Venyo.orgThe lack of trust that characterizes several human endeavors was somehow amplified when it came to the Internet, as face to face interaction was lost and all that was left were texts or images that failed to connect people in the same way.


Venyo is an initiative that attempts to address that situation, and the time is definitely ripe if we take into account the developments of collaborative services that Web 2.

0 has brought along.

What Venyo intends to do is create a free and universal tool for expressing the online reputation of individuals. This reliability rating would give every internaut a good idea of who he is dealing with instantly, and it would go by the name of Vindex.

Venyo seeks to become an independent and impartial organization that will look after such index, and make relationships over the web flow more smoothly.

It can’t be denied that this is an interesting project, and you can join it right now just by signing up for free and start building your online reputation. Upon registering, you will not only be able to be found but also to look up others online and see where they stand.

Whether Venyo will have the transcendence it hopes to achieve remains moot, but it is commendable to see endeavors that aim to make experiencing the web a more transparent endeavor come along. In Their Own Words

“The Venyo Project: to build a free and universal online reputation management tool.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way of knowing who is who on the WWW.

Some Questions About

What features are going to be added in future revisions? How can the site promote itself to reach a wider audience?

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