– A Chat System For Event Attendees

Venuing.comVenuing is a mobile application that lets people who are attending the very same sports events chat with each other. This is accomplished by checking in first. Once that has been done, people will be able to see who else is attending the same event, and where they are seated thanks to an overhead map with 3D view. Talking with anybody is a mere matter of individualizing him (or her), and messaging away.

In this way, a truly original channel is opened among attendees. To think that some venues might start incorporating such messages into an actual display is not that unconceivable to me.

As an application, Venuing is available for the three main mobile platforms of the day (IE, iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones). The app can be downloaded for free in all three cases. Links to the respective stores are provided on the site, and you can get the one you want by texting out a code that is provided, too. In Their Own Words

Venuing and the Venuing mobile app let you, the fan, make your voice heard at live sports events!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives audiences a ready chance to voice their feelings at any event they are attending.

Some Questions About

Is this better-suited to some sports than to others?