– Intelligent Guest List Management

VenueWize.comCreating a guest list for any event of yours could hardly be any easier now that an application like VenueWize has become readily available. This new tool can let you assemble one such list in what is unarguably the easiest way of all: collaboratively. VenueWize enables any organizer to collaborate with the members of his team both in the creation and edition of guest lists, even when an event is running.

By using the provided VenueWize widget, guests can request to be placed on a guest list. Once their request is accepted by the event creator, the door managers will get the updated guest information right on their mobile phones. They will be able to search names and grant/refuse admission to the event in an unequivocal way. And the event organizer himself can see how everything is going by seeing which guests have already checked in, and which are still to make it to the event.

The VenueWize application is already available at the App Store. Only iPhones are supported so far, but an iPad-friendly version of the service is going to be released in due time. In Their Own Words

VenueWize is an event management dashboard letting anyone running a social or business event save time, gain valuable metrics, build their guest database and stay green.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let any event organizer do one of the trickiest parts of his job (IE, assembling a guest list) with zero effort.

Some Questions About

When is the iPad application exactly seeing the light?