– Discovering New Music To Try Out

Venossi.comVenossi is one of these popular sites that let you discover new music to listen to both by searching on your own and by leveraging the power of the Social Web, and having people (IE, your close friends) recommend new songs that they think you’d like to try.

Also, you will be able to create playlists and have them shared with everybody.

You can actually add videos as you are watching them – there is no need to halt the video and go somewhere else to have it added to your playlist. It is all done by merely clicking a button which is featured as part of the player.

And one of the best features of the whole site is the news feed a la Facebook that greets you every time you that open it. This feed will let you see what your friends have been listening to as of late, and you will no doubt be able to make some interesting discoveries by looking at these discussions that they take part of. In Their Own Words

“Venossi is the place where you can discover and listen music, create music playlists, save your favorite music and share it with your friends and family.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The provided news feed makes for quite a cool way to learn about new music that you might pass by completely otherwise.

Some Questions About

How can the site become more appealing from a structural point of view?