– Compare Your Taste In Music

Venntunes.comThe music we listen to speak volumes about who we are. Say what you want, but there’s no denying that. And there’s no denying how useful an application like Venntunes can turn out to be. Basically, this iOS app lets you know about anybody’s music tastes just by bumping smartphones together. That will have your music libraries instantly compared, and you will be able to know if that person who looks so pretty on the outside has something (or even a lot) in common with you. And the results of this matching process can be automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter, just to make things funnier for everybody.

Of course, an app like Venntunes is also great for discovering new bands and artists. But people being people, I just felt I had to focus on the romance-oriented capabilities of the service first.

Venntunes can be downloaded for free at the App Store. In Their Own Words

Venntunes is a fun iPhone app that lets you compare music libraries with your friends!

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Are there comparable apps for Android and Blackberry?