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VendorFriender.comThere are people who need things to be put their way, not necessarily because they are lazy but simply because they have no time to spare. When shopping online, for example, the only services that they can derive any use from are the ones that can produce personalized recommendations, and have them delivered with a minimum of fuss. And you know, that is exactly what characterizes this new web service. VendorFriender lets people save at all of their favorite online retailers. The site gathers together all the latest sales, coupon codes and promo codes, and then presents them to users in a clear context. It all becomes centralized in the same email. No longer will anybody have to go through different lists just to know which of his favorite stores are offering items at a discounted price.

And not only are users informed of the latest deals, they are also enabled to use/redeem all the featured coupons and codes with a minimum of fuss. So, as far as providing a smooth user experience is concerned this is a site that passes the test with flying colors. In Their Own Words

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Why It Might Be A Killer

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How many stores can someone follow like this?