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VendHQ.comBuilt using HTML5, Vend gives any brick and mortar store a chance to have an online point of sale that people can access from wherever they are – most devices you could think of are supported. These include not only both mouse and keyboard-operated systems, but also touch screens.


Vend not only works entirely on the browser, it can actually work independently of the status of your internet connection. If it drops, that is not affecting your point of sale in the slightest. You will be able to keep on taking orders without any kind of interruption or slowdown.

And Vend also comes with full customer management capabilities. If you use Vend to manage your sales you will be able to categorize your customers, and arrange them into as many groups as you see fit. You will also be allowed to see the full sales history for each one of them.

Additionally, keeping an eye on your stock is also something that Vend simplifies to no end. Vend comes with full support for price breaks, sales campaigns and discounts. And pricing both by location and by customer can also be implemented. In Their Own Words

Vend is retail point-of-sale and stock management software you will love to use.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let retailers both big and small have a truly solid online presence, and manage their stocks & customers in a centralized way.

Some Questions About

Are there other companies providing comparable services?

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