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VendASnack.comVend A Snack is an online vending machine. There are just hundreds of snacks to choose from, and you will be able to pick 24 and pay just one dollar each. Yes, that is right – you will get 24 snacks for as little as $ 24. And you will get them delivered straight to you. So, this is clearly an upside-only service – you save money, you get what you want at all times (what you want to buy is always going to be available – this virtual vending machine will never run out of snacks), and you will get what you have bought delivered directly to where you are. No more waiting in line to get your hands on that snack you just need to have before resuming work, or going through that tome that could drain even the most determined student out. Vend A Snack will let you have what you want, in the most convenient way of all.

Pringles, NuriGrain, Starbust, Wrigley… these are just some of the featured brands. And all of the products that can be bought through the site are arranged into categories that make for finding what you want all the more easily, such as Cookies, Candies, Gum & Mints, Chips & Crackers… just check the site for yourself, you will see how easy it is to buy anything and have it put your way. In Their Own Words

Your online vending machine.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a much cheaper alternative to real-life vending machines, not to mention that it beats standing in line just to get what you want,

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Which snacks have proven to be more popular so far?