Veeplay – Meet the Future of Video Technology

According to a recent report by Mobile Statistics, the average person spends 90 minutes per day on their mobile phone – which adds up to 23 days a year! No doubt about it, our personal and business lives are increasingly moving to our mobile devices.


It should surprise no one then that mobile advertising represents a gigantic market. As in about to surpass $100 billion huge. Businesses want to reach customers on mobile, and in-app videos are both an effective way to reach consumers and a great way to monetize apps.


But while the opportunity might sound incredible, not everyone is prepared to deliver a great video experience on mobile devices. Which is where Veeplay comes in.


veeplay landing


Veeplay “provides video publishers and broadcasters with a next generation native mobile video player that makes in-app video playback and monetization simple and straightforward.”


Veeplay is a unique company that is concentrated on supplying an enterprise-grade mobile video player, built natively for all mobile platforms. Secure, fast, stable – this is the video and ad playback you get with Veeplay, which makes it easier to distribute videos and to engage users.


Veeplay reaches the crowd with SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows. It affords lots of customization options, and has the most sophisticated ad-monetization capabilities.


Pre-integrated with the leading DRM providers, Veeplay equips publishers with full ad support and personal controls. Veeplay allows industry players to keep pace in a fast moving space while protecting their content.


Founded in Munich Germany (2014) by Sebi Vaduva, Gabi Dobocan, Ion Marinescu and Lukas Schoengut, Veeplay has already been adopted by leading media giants such as Pro7Sat1, Sport1 and MarkizaTV. The company currently delivers 40M ad impressions per month. And the company works with publishers of all sizes.


To highlight just a few product features, Veeplay includes robust analytics for understanding how video content is consumed; video and ad playback on Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Google Cast, Amazon Fire TV & Nexus Player; closed captioning and multi-track audio; and on-screen controls and skins to align with branding.


Eager to use your ad-server’s VAST tags to deliver video ads into your video content? Veeplay works out of the box with any VAST-compliant ad server or exchange. Take advantage of a free trial edition or learn more at


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