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Veengle.comThis is one for music purists that always care about the integrity of the performances that they’re watching on sites like YouTube. I know you don’t enjoy watching different clips from the same show, in just any kind of scrambled order. I know you wouldn’t think it twice to use a tool that could let you piece everything together, and come up with something like a DVD with the full performance, from beginning to end. I know, because I’m just mad about music myself.


And that’s what Veengle lets anybody do. By using this service, you can create your very own video compilations. On, things are as simple as selecting the different clips you want to put together for them to be stitched as one.

You do that by using a video editor that lets you chose the start and end time for each clip, and then preview how the whole thing would look like. If you’re happy with the results, then you can save your compilation in order to view it whenever you have the time later on. And also to have it shared with others. That’s done just by spreading the unique URL that’s going to be created, and where your compilation will be found. In Their Own Words

Create your own video compilations.

Some Questions About

Leaving aside people who want to put full concerts together, who else could benefit from something like this? Which other uses can Veengle have? Can it be used professionally?

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