Veego Helps Internet Service Providers Improve The Customer Experience

Internet access at home is crucial for many day-to-day activities, including streaming TV shows or movies, gaming, video conferencing, working and more. Having a “connected home” is great for the home internet user, but it can be difficult for internet service providers (ISPs) to keep up. As an internet service provider, what if you could detect and resolve potential internet connectivity issues or negative customer experiences before they happen? You can with Veego.

Veego is SaaS platform designed to perfect the internet user experience in the connected home. It allows ISPs to see connected devices and the services being used. Veego rates the Quality of Experience each user is having based on the service being used and the connectivity needs for that service. By sharing this information with ISPs, Veego aims to help ISPs understand the customer experience from the user’s point of view so the ISP can optimize each home network based on that home’s unique needs.

How It Works
Veego monitors the internet service delivery chain, then automatically detects faults, behavior anomalies and conditions that could negatively impact the user’s Quality of Experience. It analyzes the issue and identifies the root cause of the problem, then helps the ISP resolve it – often even before the user is aware of an issue. Veego can provide insights and actionable recommendations to customer service representatives and even automatically remedy an issue (in accordance with the ISP’s policies).

Veego can also provide users with easy-to-follow recommendations (if allowed by the ISP), which can help prevent or shorten calls with customer support, reduce truck rolls and eliminate unnecessary hardware replacements.

Veego includes a variety of features to help ISPs stay informed and provide excellent customer service.

Proactive Care
Veego provides data on user behavior, service category and device type. By helping ISPs measure how current network conditions are impacting the users in a connected home, Veego enables ISPs to detect issues, understand the reasons behind those issues, and resolve the issues in a timely manner.

Subscriber Data and Customer Experience Insights
The Veego Cloud continuously collects device and service performance, experience and event data generated from home routers for valuable analysis and insights. Veego also helps ISPs understand usage trends and can provide helpful data to the ISP’s customer support, operations and marketing teams.

Veego Agent
Veego Agent uses AI technology to “fingerprint” devices and classify services without the need for heavy or privacy-invading DPI.

Veego Console
The Veego Console features convenient dashboards and helpful querying capabilities.

Veego integrates with CRMs, smartphone apps, chatbots, voice assistants, marketing systems, customer service and more.

At-home internet users want high-quality internet and high-quality customer service. With Veego, internet service providers gain valuable insights and support in order to identify connectivity issues and their root causes, resolve the issues as quickly as possible, and improve the customer support they provide to internet users. If this sounds like something your company needs, visit to learn more.


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