– Paperless Financial Management

VaultStreet.comNeed a little help managing your finances? VaultStreet might be the solution for you. VaultStreet, a plucky new startup with a hefty bit of angel funding, does the hard work for you.

It’ll store all your financial documents including check images and e-statements from banks, brokerages, and utilities automatically. You can organize them how you want, and access them easily when you want. This means no more paper cluttering your desk— no more being lost in a sea clutter. It’s better for the environment, and better for you. Moreover, it’s got state of the art back up technology and security and it allows for a layer of communication. You can use VaultStreet to talk directly to your financial planner, bank or broker about your financial needs without having to tote around a stack of unnecessary papers. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial period or pay $199 for a year’s service. In Their Own Words

“VaultStreet is a fresh, innovative online financial record-keeping service designed to streamline personal financial record storage for consumers, like you, with online accounts at banks, brokerages and mutual funds.

VaultStreet services include automated online financial document collection, authentication of document originality, centralized records retention, and the ability to share documents with a network of trusted third party advisors.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

VaultStreet is a great resource for organizing and managing your money securely and efficiently. It’s got a clean, user-friendly interface with easy access to financial institutions.

Some Questions About

Will consumers want the $199 fee that comes with? Does VaultStreet have all the tools and features to help users control and see their spending habits, net worth, etc?