Vape Simplified

The Marlboro Man has to be rolling over in his grave.


The tobacco cigarette is dying a slow death thanks to the popularity of vaping – which involves the smoking of flavored vapor & nicotine solutions heated by an e-cigarette, vape pen, or similar device.  Vaping is generally less toxic, more convenient, better smelling, and better tasting than traditional cigarette smoking.


But with any hot new consumer trend comes a sea of people attempting to capitalize – and vaping is no different.  The market has become flooded with businesses selling various forms of vape solution and accessories, to the point where there’s seemingly a new brand name on the shelves every day.


While this massive selection might be seen as a good thing for more experienced vapers, it can be incredibly overwhelming for those just starting out.  Plus, attempting to navigate between legit vendors and those “pretenders” that are just in it to make a quick buck is confusing, and can lead to the purchase of some less-than-quality products.


The time is now to end the madness in the vape community, and legitimize the industry to a level that traditional cigarettes once enjoyed.  Introducing Vape Store: Australia’s leading online vape destination.

The online retail platform at the Vape Store offers high quality starter kits, advanced kits, premium eLiquids, and accessories – all at competitive prices from the convenience of your laptop or mobile device.  The website also features unique comparison tables that allow shoppers to easily compare features and help them choose the best products.


It’s all part of the Vape Store’s goal of simplifying the shopping process to help vapers of any level find the kit that best suits their needs.  “Most popular” kits and recommendations are also revealed based on key product features to help guide consumers even more in the right direction.


First time vaper?  No problem! Vape Store has a large collection of vape starter kits, which include everything you need to get started on your vaping journey.  Once more experienced, shoppers can browse from a variety of advanced vape kits including a larger tank, internal battery, and mesh coil for the ultimate advanced vape experience.


The Vape Store starter kit, for example, features a smooth finish stainless steel and Pyrex glass vape pen that can be ordered for as little as $34.95.  To create those more full-flavored clouds, vapers can opt for more advanced kits starting at $59.95. Outside of the kits, other examples of popular product offerings include:


  • 10-packs of 30mL eLiquid juice (non-nicotine) for $10
  • 30mL bottle of Banana Ice Cream flavor Sticky Fingers eJuice for $14.75
  • Vaporesso NRG GT core coil for $3.95
  • Innokin T18 Endura replacement tanks for $14.95
  • And many more!

The company also offers free shipping to any destination in Australia, in addition to free standard shipping on orders over $99 (express shipping also available).  This, along with the company’s focus on quality and convenience, has allowed Founder Richard Davids to build up a strong early customer base for his store despite just launching it earlier this year.


Whether you’re just embarking on your vaping quest or are simply looking for a better shopping experience, you can see the Vape Store for yourself by visiting  The company can also be reached directly via email at [email protected].


Photos: Vape Store