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ValueStockGuide.comMastering value stocks and value investing is easy when you have a site like The Value Stock Guide assisting you at every turn. All the articles that you can read on this site have been written by Shailesh Kumar, a private investor and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the stock market. His articles have been featured in publications as prestigious as WealthFront, Forbes and SeekingAlpha


On this site, he provides stock picks that he is actually evaluating himself for his own portfolio. This turns into one of the very few stock picking services where what it’s being recommended by the one who runs the site is actually what he is investing his own capital in.

Keeping the focus on the US stock market, Shailesh specializes in finding undervalued stocks for investors to build long-term portfolios on. He adheres to strict value investing principles, and the services he provides are just perfect for small companies with little analyst following. In Their Own Words

Value investing advice & stock tips.

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