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ValueJockey.comValue Jockey is a community site which is entirely fuelled by its members. In essence, it will let anybody list a product or service in order to receive price suggestions back, along with tips for selling it and general feedback.


In this way, if you have to sell something and don’t want to blow it by asking for an exorbitant fee you can have a clear idea about how much should you aim for. That will make things easier on everybody. And if you just want to tread the water and see how much that antique which belonged to your grandfather is worth today, the site will do the honors splendidly.

On the other hand, you can display links to ecommerce sites on Value Jockey. That is, the site is not a marketplace, but given its nature the programmers added such a functionality, letting users not only know how much something is worth but also get about advertising it once they have arrived at the right price.

Ultimately, Value Jockey is a site which is free to join and use, and it renders a service of its very own which is quite useful. That makes it all the more appealing. Anyone who is looking into finding out how much something is worth will not come out of it disappointed. In Their Own Words

“ is a member managed community where each registered member can list products or services to get values, price suggestions, selling tips and feedback and help other members as well.

Whether you are planning to sell items today, in the future or just want to find out what others know about it, it’s totally free to see if our community of members can help you. Join in and help other members, too. Members do not buy and sell directly on, but can display a direct link to any active classified ad or auction.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting site since it offers a novel and practical service bar none.

Some Questions About

What kind of items can be listed on the site? Are there items that can not be listed?

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