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Vadz.comA young company, vADz simplifies the way in which ads are created and integrated into videos considerably. Its first product is a supple editor that makes it easy for anybody to start mixing images with videos together, and add all the text blurbs that he needs in order to market his products effectively.

Intelligently, this video editor is available in two different incarnations (Flash and HTML5), so that there is no need for you to worry about the ads that you create having limited visibility. Just anybody will be able to consume them. And vADz videos are completely trackable and searchable, too.

Three different plans are available (Basic, Pro and Premium), and each one has got its own storage capacities and number of maximum views. Yet, all three plans will let you get and use embed codes and have your videos put for sale by way of advanced transactional features. You will be able to include coupons, and implement a Click To Buy option (powered by PayPal). People, then, will be given every opportunity to get your content. In Their Own Words

Online video advertising company.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns the creation, deployment and monetization of videos into something so much faster and direct.

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What can make this platform catch on for good?