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Vadlist.netThe tagline for Vadlist is ‘classifieds in motion’—the not so novel idea behind this service is essentially filmed ads, or video ads (vads). The seller takes a short video of the item for sale and posts it on the site.


He/She can create a list of items and post them on site for as long as it takes for a sale to be made. With Vadlist the most densely populated area seems to be cars; however, I can’t find an actual video that works. Descriptions and locations are available, but contact info is a little harder to come by. The idea behind Vadlist is solid, videos, after all, are extremely popular, however Vadlist definitely needs work. In Their Own Words

• “Sell your goods or services faster
• Broadcast for video ads (Vad)
• Create your Vad list of unlimited number of goods/services
• 24/7 marketing your Vad List for as long as you want”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Vadlist is a good idea. Video ads are more dynamic; if pictures are worth a thousand words than video is the next step up.

Some Questions About

Vadlist has no clear instructions on how to use it. There are hardly any entries and the ads that are there don’t appear to work. There’s no obvious way to contact sellers. The site says the service is free, but how are they going to make a profit themselves?

Author : Siri Marshall

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