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U&Z Luxury Watch Rentals – Dress To Majorly Impress

Pity that the smartphone has made gorgeous watches a less common sight —  watches are beautiful instruments. The upside of this trend, however, is that a stunning timepiece grabs attention more easily because it stands out more prominently.


Another upside to the Internet changing our culture is that the subscription business model now works for merchandise found traditionally only in retail stores; items such as luxury watches.


U&Z Luxury Watch Rentals makes it possible to don a Rolex (if only for a month) for those who otherwise couldn’t afford such an expensive accessory.


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The U&Z collection offers an expanding selection of recent Rolex designs. Choose the watch that suits your style, and it’s yours for a month or for as long as you like. When you grow tired of it, or it’s served its purpose – say, a wedding and all the surrounding events and photo shoots – ship it back or exchange the watch for a different model.


Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars to own a watch, you can join the luxury watch club for $299.99 a month thanks to U&Z Luxury Watch Rentals. That money is hardly chump change, but, if it gives you the swagger it takes to nail your investor pitch or completes your ensemble for the photographers – and helps to forge an unforgettable experience of a singular event – that investment begins to sound rather reasonable.


Hey, even the stars prefer temporary custodianship of incredible timepieces. A few years ago, tennis champion Rafael Nadal was loaned a jewel-crusted Richard Mille watch during the French Open tournament. Of course, publicity played a huge role in his case, but the point is that luxury watches aren’t practical for daily wear. They’re for occasions, for making a statement.


U&Z leaves it to you to decide when and how to make your statement. You choose the Rolex, have it sized to your specifications, and wear it for as many months as you like. No additional membership fees or deposits apply. You’re not even on the hook for shipping.


Need to impress at an event? Want to feel James Bond suave for a short time? Check out the magnificent watches available for rent on


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U&Z Luxury Watch Rentals

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