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Uvumi.comMusic that is yet to become mainstream has a definitive appeal of its own. The bands who create it stands as one of the true bastions of idealism within any genre, as their vision hasn’t yet been contaminated by the pressures that the industry will impose upon them once they gain recognition and the desperate search for suitable follow-up singles begins.


I don’t remember who said it at this time, but the person who exclaimed that the artist who has no success is the most successful artist of all did really have a point to make.

Well, this site will let you come across musicians that are on nobody’s radar yet. They are featured as part of a database that you can search according to the genre that you are keener on, and some are also spotlighted on the main page. There are also a series of charts that you can check in order to learn which of these artists are arising the most interest among people who try the site.

All in all, this is the kind of website that no fan of music in its most idealistic form could afford to miss. Those who are keen on the sound of The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus should steer clear of it. The rest must definitely pay it a visit. In Their Own Words

“Our mission is to empower artists, promote widespread creation and consumption of art, and add value to the artistic community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Young bands have a drive of their very own, and this site celebrates that. True music lovers are bound to relish visiting it.

Some Questions About

What does it take to be featured on the site?

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