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UVNTV.comIce-T and pal DJ Pooh (the rapper/screen writer/ producer/director) bring you UVNTV, a brand new hub for videos and entertainment news. You’ll find plenty of material from the duo themselves, along with other hip hop themed videos and newsclips.


UVNTV features the normal bells and whistles any social networking site must have these days, including friends, channels, and events. Members can also use the site as a platform for finding partners to work on videos, for catching up on casting events and media news, and for showcasing their own works. UVNTV requires Microsoft’s Silverlight to be installed before you can check out any of the content. In Their Own Words

“Internet TV”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Celebrity themed networks do attract their fair share of traffic; this particular social media site has got all the features you’d expect, plus the celeb factor, along with a means for creating work, and finding people to collaborate with.

Some Questions About

Do we need another video network, even if Ice-T and DJ Pooh are behind it? Is original content developed for the site? How easy is it for users to connect? The Silverlight download req may turn some users off.

Author : Siri Marshall

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