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Uvisor.comUvisor can be defined as a website providing comprehensive career resources and guidance. It includes a powerful search engine for looking up positions all over the country, and it also has an intelligent matchmaking service that will determine exactly which position is the best for you, based on your actual qualifications and expertise.


As a platform, Uvisor is the result of the collective efforts of IT experts, psychologists and human resource professionals. It was created with the aim of providing people who are looking for a job with the resources for easily comparing positions as they find them.

In order to get started, you will have to fill out a series of forms where you will define yourself. You will have to provide both professional and personal data. That is necessary for Uvisor to determine the kind of individual you are.

Additionally, Uvisor will let you create your very own resume. You will be able to choose one of the eight different templates that are provided, and also pick its color, fonts, etc. This is called a “résUmé” in the site’s parlance. And you can build as many as you want in order to tailor specific positions in which some of your skills will be more important than others. In Their Own Words

“Uvisor is a full-service career advisor website, helping millions of unemployed Americans land a job. In addition to free, intelligent job search of more than 630,000 positions in the Uvisor database. Uvisor is a one-stop hub for identifying the best career match, applying for a job and expediting the hiring process. Uvisor has 12 patent-pending technologies, including an algorithm that helps provide the best possible career matches based on a person’s personality, skills, education, hobbies and experience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for finding the right job in the right way, as the filtering and sorting is taken care of for you.

Some Questions About

How will Uvisor be further developed? What could be implemented or tweaked now?

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