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Uvinum.comTo put it in simple words, Uvinum is a platform for the satisfaction of wine lovers. On this site, anybody can create a personalized profile detailing which are his favorite wines for suggestions to begin rolling in. And once he has become acquainted with people who really know their stuff, he will be able to start reading the guides that they have penned and uploaded to the site for the benefit of everybody.

Of course, as a registered user of the site anybody can recommend wines to others, and also write his own guides for all to read and comment upon.

Red wines, white wines, rose wines, sparkling wines… these are all currently supported on Uvinum. And the list of appellations is also a large one, with the US and several European countries being covered more than extensively.

Ultimately, Uvinum hopes to become the one-stop destination for the discovery of worldwide wines on the Web. Whether it can really go that far remains moot, but it has already got enough features to keep people both entertained and informed.

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