Utterz.com – Easy Mobile Blogging

Utterz.comUtterz lets you take blogging on the road. This mobile blogging platform is tailored exclusively for use with your cellular phone.

Posts are called ‘utters’ and they may be submitted in the form of text, video, voice (there’s a number for both posting audio clips and for listening/responding to other’s utters), or photo. Users’ profiles are reminiscent of Twitter in that all your posts are showcased therein. The site also has channels where users can participate and discuss daily topics. The Lab features a suite of widgets for updating your blog or social network; among the sites supported are Blogger, Typepad, Facebook, Xanga and Myspace. You can also customize a widget to work with your own personal site, or any other site not listed. It’s free for all users to join.

Utterz.com In Their Own Words

“Utterz is the first way you can instantly blog your experiences, thoughts and ideas, anywhere, using all the capabilities of your mobile phone. Utterz mashes together the voice, video, pictures, and text you call or send in and creates an ‘Utter’ that can immediately update your existing web pages on sites like Blogger, Facebook, LiveJournal, MySpace and more.”

Why Utterz.com It Might Be A Killer

Utterz brings convenience to blogging. Their widgets make it easy to submit posts to practically any social network or site. The phone number allows for leaving audio posts from any phone. Very easy to use.

Some Questions About Utterz.com

Will Utterz be able to gain numbers? Is it too Twitter-like? Utterz.com