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Utipu.comIt’s a familiar story: you’ve found something on the web– a pair of shoes, an Mp3 player, a stirring blog post—and you want to share it with your good pal. You send them an IM with a link, followed by a few but necessary instructions: scroll down until the middle of the page and click on the last link to the left—etc.


Or how about this: your dear, but absolutely computer inept mother wants to know how to use Skype, so what do you do, sent her a detailed email, takes some screen shots, and hope for the best. All that explanation could be avoided if you had Utipu. With Utipu you record your screen and show your pal or mother. You’ll need to download the tool after which you’ll be able to record directly from your screen with or without your webcam. Add audio narration for a more detailed explanation and post your clip to share with the world if you wish. You’re limited to five minutes, so make it snappy. In Their Own Words

In just a few clicks, our TipCam software records a video of your screen and posts it for sharing. It’s easy and FREE!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This does have a very real world application. Just think how many times you’ve been recreated by the old P and M to help with computer problems. Recording everything could save you a trip and your parents will be able to view the clip over and over again. Also would be useful for making demo videos.

Some Questions About

I doubt this will catch on as it seems to be almost superfluous as other IM clients integrate video networking. Besides that, making a video is an effort. Most would probably prefer to stick with their old habits.

Author : Siri Marshall

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