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UserLike.comThere’s plenty of companies that let you add a live chat to your site, and talk to customers in real time. Chatwing and Clickdesk are two that easily spring to mind, and there’s a billion more. However, there’s not really that many platforms for app developers who are looking for ways of interacting with their customers. If you are one and you want to add a chat to your app, then you’ll most likely have to do the coding yourself. Unless you go for a service such as Userlike, that is.

Userlike lets you add a live chat both to any site you have created, and to any iOS app you have developed. And it lets you receive messages through your favorite instant messenger, too. You’ll get to chat with users both when you’re sitting in front of your computer and when you’re on the go.

And Userlike is a great platform for teams that have got lots of different agents. Calls are routed to the agents that are less busy, and they always get detailed caller information. This means they’ll always know who they’re talking to and what history he’s got with your company from the minute they start talking. In Their Own Words

Live-chat for websites and iOS apps.

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Can you subdivide your agents in different work groups if you want to? If yes, how many of these can you have?