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How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service




What is your startup doing for customer service?

While some companies may find that old school phone service is the best option, most online services are now offering online chat customer service. Over the past year or so you’ve inevitably interacted with at least one: They pop up, usually on the right, with a friendly greeting from whomever is currently available to help you out.


Because keeping customers happy is absolutely essential for the success of early stage startups, it’s important to have easily accessible, effective customer service to meet any and all customer needs. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to provide that kind of service on your site, Userlike is one company that offers customizable chat service, just like the ones you’ve seen popping up across the web.


First and foremost, Userlike is fully customizable, so it’ll look like a natural part of your website, not a system that was stuck on top of yours with no thought given to design. Considering how much time, money, and effort any good site spends on design, this is critical.


That takes care of the customer side of things but any great system also has to be great for the people using it which, in this case, means your customer service representations. Userlike has created an intuitive system that is simple and easy to use. They’re committed to providing a natural workflow that has such a low learning curve that your team should be on board basically immediately.


No customer service rep is an island and Userlike makes sure that your team is able to work together while still meeting their individual goals. Questions are sent to the person with the fewest messages in queue and the representatives are able to forward them to other team members if they think someone else could better help the customer. There’s also a group option, for those questions that are especially hard to answer.


Userlike also focuses on providing analytics to help you figure out what’s working – and what isn’t – with your customer service strategy. You can set up goals, track how well you’re meeting them, see how each of your customer service representatives is performing, and utilize their tagging features to most efficiently process each and every request.


Installing Userlike is super simple – just copy/paste a couple of lines of code into your site’s HTML and you’re good to start chatting. You can go for the free trial and then, if you’re loving it, just sign up for one of the monthly services. Prices started at $37 and go up based on your needs, so why not check it out today?


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Author : Roger Hollings

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