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Ever scroll through your Facebook News Feed and wonder how you ever managed to become friends with so many people with interests that look nothing like yours?


While no doubt healthy for the mind and character to have diverse people enlivening your online networks, it can make for a long slog when sorting through content you don’t care to read. Since we’re pressed for time (always!), we need a way to cut to the chase and engage in the conversations that are most important to us.


Htagg’s solution is to shift the focus from following people to following topics by using – you guessed it – hashtags. Both a social networking and a blogging tool, Htagg lets people zero in on their interests. Post and read news, get all the latest updates on a subject, and connect with people that share your passions based on hashtags.





Htagg creates pages for each topic with a hashtag heading. Then, in what looks a lot like a typical forum thread, you add other related hashtags and pull in relevant content from across the Internet. Follow and share what you like best. Give your thoughts on matters – and stay on topic as long as you like.


Pages are open to all contributors, so Htagg helps you discover content you otherwise might not find in your personal networks. It creates a unique space to explore a topic as comprehensively (read: obsessively) as suits your tastes.


Relying on hashtags to follow topics makes a lot of sense, because, well, they’ve already done such a great job of driving trending news to the surface of the vast sea of online content, where they make lively conversations more visible. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Instead, Htagg turns the friendly hashtag into a workhorse for turning up content related to individual interests.



Htagg spares curious folk a lot of trouble. Instead of entering multiple searches to get the news you’re after, Htagg acts like a magnet bringing desirable content to you. No more clicking on suggested reading only to find out that it’s of no concern. No more opening up a zillion sites or scouring through your social media accounts to find the good stuff.


Likewise, if you’re a content creator, Htagg eliminates the need to worry about where to publish. Under a hashtag you can reach a potentially much wider audience anywhere on the web, with little effort (it’s worth mentioning that only registered users can post and comment, which isn’t a big deal because signup is free).


So, you can continue to search for content like those folks who wander beaches with a metal detector – rarely coming cross anything of actual value – or you can turn up all the content you’d ever care to find on a topic almost immediately by using hashtags. Visit to start following your interests and to signup for Htagg early.


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