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Uscoop.comUscoop is like GroupOn for College students. Through this site, they will be able to buy vouchers at a discount for select online brands. And the relevancy (and authenticity) of all of the deals featured on the site is ensured since the Uscoop team identifies the best trends by photographing stylish students on campuses, along with their dorm rooms.


This approach is really interesting because photography majors get a chance to start putting their skills to a productive use. And a startup like Uscoop also enables Campus reps with true entrepreneurial spirit to become involved in the promotion of both local and national deals.

A point is made to offer vouchers both for well-known brands, and for up-and-coming retailers. And both products and services find their way into the site. The common denominator of all that is offered is that it is relevant to the College lifestyle.

Deals are listed for three days on Uscoop. Discounts usually amount to 30 % – 50 % off the recommended retail price. In Their Own Words

The ultimate portal to all things college.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting take on a-deal-a-day websites. Here, no overstock is being sold. Rather, the users of the site (College students) can get what they need right when they need it, or when it is fashionable.

Some Questions About

How fast is Uscoop spreading through the country?

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