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USAirways.comAbout to travel? Looking for the most convenient flights? Then check out this site. US Airways, the fifth largest domestic airline, serves more than 230 communities in the U.

S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, including popular destinations like Brussels, Zurich, Lisbon, Milan, Maui, etc. The site provides visitors with helpful travel tools and facilitates information about the weather, fun facts, and vacation tips. They have also made arrangements with car rental companies, so that they can offer their customers great deals in cities across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Latin America, among many others. The site allows you to make reservations for flights, hotels, cruises, etc. Don’t miss their Dividend Miles program, a reward program where you can earn miles not only when you travel but also when you purchase products. Don’t forget to sign up, so you can receive emails with special offers, promotions and their latest news.