UrlBeach.com – Banish Those Super Long URLs Forever

UrlBeach.comLong links, those that snake around the web page, taking two lines in your emails, and which no one could possibly remember, are an inevitable phenomenon; however URLBeach aims to make a difference. It works basically like Tiny URL—you paste a long url in the box provided, and Beach will spit out a much shorter, snappier url.

Your urls won’t break when you try to paste them. Those ridiculously ginormous urls, will become manageable. The site’s easy as pie to use and it’s free. You also have the option of buying your shortened link for $5 (lasts a year). For $6 you get the script and for $8 you can have both.

UrlBeach.com In Their Own Words

“Paste a long link, get a much shorter one”

Why UrlBeach.com It Might Be A Killer

Long urls are a headache. UrlBeach takes those super long links and whips out something short and friendly, enough said. It simply makes things easier.

Some Questions About UrlBeach.com

How long do links last? Any toolbars or extensions in the works? Will anyone use the service given the popularity of TinyUrl? UrlBeach.com