Url.ie – Shorten Those Long URLs

Url.ieAnyone who has ever sent an email or written a blog post with a long URL included knows that these URLs can sometimes break and that they take up a lot of valuable space for nothing. Url.

ie offers to truncate URLs for you in seconds. Just go to url.ie, and either paste or type the URL that you’d like to shorten, then press truncate and presto! Url.ie generates a shortened URL that you can use instead. While some other URL shortening services will hit you with tracking cookies and popups, Url.ie promises to never do so and they will limit advertising as much as possible. No registration is required making this one of the faster truncating services available.

Url.ie In Their Own Words

“Welcome to URL.ie, a free URL truncation service. Generate a short URL for your unsightly long one, and share that URL with others, who get automatically forwarded to your original URL, with no temporary redirect pages / ads / popups / cookies. Just follow the 2 simple steps below.”

Why Url.ie It Might Be A Killer

Url.ie does what it says it will and it does it fast. Marketing will ultimately decide whether they become a page of choice for URL shortening services.

Some Questions About Url.ie

Do they have the marketing know-how to make this a well-know site? Perhaps they should consider modifying this service to include some type of feature that allows it to better stand out. Url.ie