UrGossip.com – Digg for Celebrity Gossip

UrGossip.comUrGossip is the Digg for celebrity news, allowing users to submit stories and then determine which celebrity story gets pushed to the front page by voting on them. You can comment on stories, you can make the site an RSS Feed, you can search for stories based on categories and tags, and finally you can discover the hottest stories of the year, month, week, day, etc.

The site is basic, the stories old and banal, and overall the site is just not very competitive with the other online gossip news sites such as TMZ, People or Perez Hilton, despite its user-generated format. It seems that celebrity news is more than covered online, and this is not one of those areas where we need users to pull up hidden stories.

UrGossip.com In Their Own Words

“You control what celebrity news is interesting to you. Once a story gets enough votes it’s promoted to the Worthy News on the front page. UrGossip allows you to read news from various sources, make friends, communicate, and more.”

Why UrGossip.com It Might Be A Killer

Despite its flaws and lack of any online traffic, any site that offers celebrity news could generate users.

Some Questions About UrGossip.com

What does this site cover that hasn’t already been posted and reviewed by the popular online gossip sites? Given the minute-by-minute coverage offered by other independent sites, I just don’t see the value to this site. Are they making a profit? How many members do they have? UrGossip.com