Uptimeinspector.com – Website and Server Monitoring

Uptimeinspector.comUptimeinspector is primarily a website and server monitoring service but they also handle such things as search engine rank monitoring and DNS black list checking for mail servers. The website monitor will check the availability and performance of any given URL and you can choose to have your site monitored at intervals beginning at once a minute and up to once per hour.

Obviously, the more frequency you choose, the more expensive the service will cost but when you consider that it costs $6 per month to have your site checked every five minutes, price is probably not going to be a major issue. With all Uptimeinspector offerings you can choose how to be alerted in the event that your site or server goes down including being alerted by phone, ICQ, AIM, MSN, Email or RSS feeds.

Uptimeinspector.com In Their Own Words

“Monitor website uptime state, content and performance. UptimeInspector downloads full web page or file, checks size, loading time and internal links. Monitor any type of server for availability and performance. Templates for HTTP, FTP, SSH, PING, SMTP, POP3, MySQL are provided. Whenever possible, not only the server connection but also a proper response is verified. Get immediate notification once your mail server is listed with a spam list. UptimeInspector acts as a blacklist checker, it monitors major DNS blacklists and send instant alert if a mail server is listed.”

Why Uptimeinspector.com It Might Be A Killer

This seems like a good and reliable service with a reasonable price tag. Most site owners like to be notified when there site goes down and Uptimeinspector could become the site of choice amongst many.

Some Questions About Uptimeinspector.com

How will they differentiate themselves from the significant amount of competition already in this space? Providing a list of the customers they currently serve is a good start but what other ways can they use to better market their site? Uptimeinspector.com