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UpSave.comUpSave is best-described as an online service for managing, accessing and searching your favorites when you are away from your computer. This is made possible because through this system you can synchronize your UpSave account to the bookmarks that are stored locally in your preferred web browser.


A service like this not only enables the user to access his bookmark collection from anywhere, but it also doubles as a backup that is free from system failures and the like.

Further features of UpSave include the ability to search through the bookmarks you have saved in order to find long log bookmarks, and figure out what they were about in the first place.

UpSave is also very easy to put into practice. Basically, you simply click on the “UpSave” button in your browser’s toolbar and the corresponding URL will be sent to your existing UpSave account. You can then edit the new bookmark as you see fit and add it to your collection for ulterior reference.

In finishing, this is a supple web-hosted solution that makes for easier browsing and instant reference wherever you are. You can reach it at and sign up for free. In Their Own Words

“UpSave is a free online service for managing, accessing, and searching your bookmarks (favorites) from any computer that is connected to the Internet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a hassle-free manner of accessing your bookmarks everywhere.

Some Questions About

What browsers are currently supported?

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