UploadPod.com – File Sharing and Management

UploadPod.comIf, by chance, you should be looking for yet another free online file hosting service, give UploadPod a try. Recently added features include a Download ID, the ability to send files to friends and family, as well as to manage all your files.

Registration is free, and gives you more control over your documents; however, you can upload files without signing up—you’ll be given a direct link, and you should be able to retrieve the file using the public search function. The site doesn’t give any direct info about file size limits nor expiration dates. You’re best bet is to register so you can keep track of your goods with their ID system.

UploadPod.com In Their Own Words

“Uploadpod is a free online file hosting resource, where you can select and upload your files in a matter of seconds. You are able to attach a name to a file upon upload which you can then retrieve and download later via a search engine.”

Why UploadPod.com It Might Be A Killer

UploadPod is easy enough to use. There’s not a lot on the site, but it gets the job done. For those who aren’t computer savvy, UploadPod is simple way to go. It doesn’t require much technical prowess.

Some Questions About UploadPod.com

The site could use a more detailed explanation of how features work. The search engine doesn’t seem to function properly—or perhaps it only works if you’re registered? What’s the upload limit? Does it allow for bulk uploading? UploadPod.com