UploadJockey.com – Shock and Awe Uploading

UploadJockey.comEverything is about the cloud now. There’s no mainframe big enough to contain the masses of information, the Tweets, the flickr photos, YouTube videos, spreadsheets, MP3’s, Facebook friends and Digg links, let alone the actual stuff you keep locked away on your Pc.

So the tough part is getting that important info—say a thesis on what went wrong with the weather—out to the cloud, onto the nets. Uploading is a good option. There are lots of sites out there that’ll do the trick—MegaUpload, Badonga, RapidShare, et al. The problem is some of these sites may be blocked by various ISPs or they people you want to share with don’t have registered accounts. This is where UploadJockey comes in handy. Basically, it’ll upload to your file to multiple sites at once. You can upload up to 100mb. Yes, it’s that easy and if you upload enough, you can earn cash.

UploadJockey.com In Their Own Words

“Upload your files to multiple file hosting services. Uploadjockey supports rapidshare, badongo, sendspace, zshare, megaupload and depositfiles.”

Why UploadJockey.com It Might Be A Killer

UploadJockey is a great tool that makes uploading a cinch. Instead of worrying about blocked ISPs, or non-registered users, you can take of it by having your file uploaded onto all the major providers.

Some Questions About UploadJockey.com

UploadJockey is heavy on the ads, will people be turned off by this? Will they up the upload limit? Will spamming be a problem? UploadJockey.com