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“Use your existing Skype account for a multi-user Google Earth experience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Google Earth and Skype are both extremely popular, and are becoming more popular day by day. Also, with updates being made to Google Earth, it makes it possible to actually navigate city streets in a 3-D format, making the user experience more enjoyable. If everyone who has Google Earth on their computer also has Unype, it could be a huge success. It can be a great tool for planning trips with multiple people, or just virtually traveling somewhere together. It combines the already large successes of both, Google Earth and Skype; counting on the success of the combination is a pretty safe bet.

Some Questions About

Are people really going to spend enough time on Google Earth in one session to require a conversation via Skype? Are there going to be any game features added to accompany the animated navigation feature?

Author : Mery Fisher

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